«Sometimes one campfire is enough»

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Communal Area


Sanitation Facility

  - Kitchen with cooking- and dishwashing

    options, microwave, e-kettle and

    TV with NRK channels

  - Renting of washing machines and drier

  - Showers and toilets

  - Handicap showers and toilets


Motorhome & Caravans

70 caravan places with power

  - Emptying of waste and greywater

  - Access to fresh water

  - Free wireless internet



Tent space on lawn

  - Access to power

  - Free wireless internet


Grill Hut

  - Embedded grill hob living room with gas

    grill and space for around 25 persons


Playground for children



  - Fishing equipment, flies etc.

  - Sale of fishing card Eiby river

  - Hygiene article

  - Diverse kiosk consumer products


(+47) 400 77 399






Steinfossveien 25

N-9518 ALTA


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